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Module 5 –Basic Surgical Procedures of dental implants in the Daily Practice (PART I)In this module will cover different procedures of implant surgery, including the incision procedures, full periosteal flap, implant positioning, generation ... see more1709942400 9th March 2024 - 11th March 2024
Module 6 –Advanced Surgical Procedures of dental implants in the Daily Practice (PART II)1712966400 13th April 2024 - 15th April 2024

Planed courses in 2024 (Exact dates to be announced soon)

Module 1 – General Introduction of Oral ImplantologyComprehensive overview of Oral Implantology and subsequent modules covering vital structures, bone biology, patient preparation, treatment planning, dental/medical history, medically ... see more
Module 2 – Surgical Anatomy Theory for the Oral Implantologistreview the Head & Neck Anatomy. Applied surgical dental and implantological anatomy of the mouth, maxilla and mandible and related ... see more
Module 3 – Emergencies – Anesthesia – Pharmacology & Medically compromised patients.covers emergencies, anesthesia, pharmacology, and medically compromised patients.
Module 4 –The Basic of Dental Implants Radiology & planning2D and 3D radiology program
Module 7 – Basic Prosthetic Aspects in Dental Implantology (PART I)Prosthetic aspects of implant systems, covering classification, tooth extraction decisions, edentulous prosthetics, indications, implant selection, fixation types, fixed prosthetics, technological ... see more

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  • Fulfill up to 40% of the requirements for a master’s degree program at Duisburg Essen University in Germany.

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  • Partner with us and receive a prestigious postgraduate diplomate certificate in dental implantology.
  • Propel your career to new heights and open doors to global opportunities.

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