Tailored hands on patient

     Our Tailored hands on Patients Program is designed to fill the gab between education and practice. Also to allow the doctors to have more practical experience and self confidence while treating their patients. 

    Our exceptional hands-on patient courses, Sets us apart in the dental education field. We offer a wealth of practical experience by providing a significant quantity of patient cases, allowing participants to engage with diverse clinical scenarios.Also, we provide various kinds of procedures to fill the practice gaps. All under Highly qualified doctors supervision . Our courses tailored courses cover a broad spectrum of procedures, from basic to advanced, ensuring that dental professionals are well-equipped to excel in their field. Join us and elevate your practice. The following are the available courses: 

Course 1:

Simple Implant Procedure

Course 2:

Sinus lifting

Course 3:

Ridge Augmentation 

Course 4:

nerve repositioning

Course 5:

fast and fixed All on 4 treatment concept.

Fees:900 CAD /Case adding to it the necessary material cost (implants, Bone graft,.. etc)

Available locations of the hands on patients training Canters :

  • Amman-Jordan

  • Lahore-Pakistan

  • Georgia

  • Erbil-Iraq


Contact Us to apply :