Patient experience

Virtual Cinema


The system aiming on getting the patients through the dental procedures Safe, painless and entertained!!.

The system components are virtual screen for distracting the patient while keeping his eyes safe and drastically reducing the fear and stress of the patient .

Model (PMS): A Virtual screen will occupy the attention of the patients and distract them from the stress of the dental procedure, while using the glass reflecting concept will keep the eye relaxed and entertained.


Roboden® the greeting and hosting robot. The powerful voice function and large interactive screen offers a variety of reception needs and the smaller body is more flexible to
cover a greater range of scenarios. Roboden® provides customers
with a fun, interactive experience.
Roboden® is small and navigates with ease. The minimum channel diameter of the chassis is 21.65 inches which is perfect for all kinds of small spaces. Its powerful ease of navigation makes it possible to lead customers to the target position with background music.