Face Mask – case of 10 boxes (500 Masks)

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ASTM LEVEL 3 Mask – case of 10 boxes (500 Masks)


Disposable Medical Face Mask ASTM F2100-19 LEVEL3 (50 pc)

Minimum Order Quantity for this product is 10 Boxes

The Proserva ASTM Level 3 Medical Mask uses the highest quality of filtration material to provide both high air-flow and superior protection.

Exceeding ASTM F2001-19 Level 3 certification:

  • 160 mm Hg pressure resistance to penetration by synthetic blood
  • 99.8% filtration efficiency for bacterial and 0.1 micron particulates
  • Less than 6.0 mm H20/cm2 differential pressure for high breathability

This mask is tested by Cambridge Materials Testing, a Nadcap Accredited testing facility.

What is a Procedural Face Mask?

A procedural mask is intended to prevent the release of potential contaminants from the user into their immediate environment which can also protect the wearer from large droplets, sprays and splashes of bodily fluids. It is easily identifiable by the presence of two ear loops to secure the mask to the face for quick donning. 

Procedure masks are used on hospital floors, isolation units, and labour and delivery units, as well as in other areas of the hospital to maintain a general level of  “respiratory etiquette.” Wide usage helps prevent clinicians, patients and visitors from spreading germs when talking, coughing, or sneezing. These masks may also be used in the emergency department and the intensive care unit. 

Unlike surgical masks, they are non-sterile and not designed for the operating room. Surgical masks are for sterile operating rooms.

Our disposable procedural face masks contain 3 layers: 

  • Layers 1 & 3 are non-woven Spunbond SS type fabric; blue for layer 1 and white for layer 3. 
  • Layer 2 is a melt-blown material that acts as a filter and has a >98% particle filtration efficiency (PFE). 

The three layers provide a physical barrier that protects both the wearer and surrounding individuals from the transfer of respiratory secretions, fluids or other debris and avoids the contamination of bacteria or viruses present in mucus and saliva. Although their appearance is identical, level three masks are a higher medical grade (with better filtration efficiency) than Level 2 because they use higher-quality materials.



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1. Non-Sterile and single-use only
2. Not suitable for harmful gases and steam
3. Not suitable for hypoxic environments, underwater operations or fire fighting
4. Not suitable for sterile operating rooms.

Disclaimer: PROSERVA MASK Factory believes that the information in this Technical Data Sheet is accurate and represents the best and most current information available to us. PROSERVA MASK Factory makes no representations or warranties either express or implied, regarding the suitability of the material for any purpose or the accuracy of the information contained within this document. Accordingly, PROSERVA MASK Factory will not be responsible for damages resulting from use of or reliance upon this information.


What Does ASTM Stand for in Masks?

ASTM is an abbreviation for the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM). They are an organization that develops and publishes voluntary consensus technical standards for different kinds of products, materials, systems, and services.

What is ASTM F2100?

ASTM F2100 is a specification of performance requirements for medical face masks that have five essential criteria: Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE), Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE), fluid resistance, Delta P, flame spread, ISO certification.

Is an ASTM Level 3 the Same as an N95?

No, an ASTM Level 3 procedural mask is not the same as an N95. An ASTM Level 3 face mask has a layer design intended to protect the wearer from high risk fluid exposure, but it does not filter fine particles like an N95. An N95 is an industrial-grade mask. However, an ASTM Level 3 face mask provides better filter efficiency than Level 2. An ASTM Level 2 mask has a layer design intended for fluid exposure in low to moderate risk environments.

Additional information

Weight2.0 kg
Dimensions20.3 × 51 × 20.3 cm
External Material

Non-woven Spunbond SS type fabric


Light Blue, White

Mask Size

17.5cm x 9.0cm


ASTMF200-19 Level3, test conducted by CAMBRIDGE Materials Testing Laboratory