SCHWERT Instruments

SCHWERT Instruments

Discover the elite quality of dental instruments from Schwert Germany. Proserva takes pride in being the distributor of Schwert Dental Instruments in Canada.


01- Made in Germany.

02- Design Follows Function.

Our knowledge about the function of our instruments is informed by collaboration with renowned users worldwide, from development to the final SCHWERT product.

03 - Safe

SCHWERT instruments facilitate safe and ergonomic operation.

04 - Precision

Precision is ensured by utilizing state-of-the-art production techniques combined with the craftsmanship of our long-standing employees.

05 - Raw Material

The raw material is sourced exclusively from German production, crucial for maintaining consistently high quality in SCHWERT instruments.

06 - Precision Joints

Precision joints guarantee smooth movement and durable, wear-resistant operation.

07 - Tungsten Carbide Inserts

Tungsten carbide inserts are used in instruments designed to withstand rigorous demands.

08 - Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance: Owing to high-quality materials, SCHWERT instruments are compatible with all standard disinfection and cleaning methods (please refer to the manufacturer’s instructions). Regular lubrication extends the lifespan of forceps, scissors, and needle holders.

09 - Quality Management

Quality management ensures production adheres to current standards and regulations.

10 - Our Service

Guarantees you fast and cost-effective reconditioning, should this become necessary.

11 - Price & Performance

Our Price-Performance Ratio: Despite their higher price, quality instruments are the optimal choice. They allow professionals to achieve objectives more efficiently, resulting in enhanced outcomes and expedited healing. Their durability reduces costs associated with replacement, procurement, and repair.

12 - More Satisfaction

Enhanced satisfaction for both the user and patient due to more precise and ergonomic procedures.

125 Years

SCHWERT products are the result of more than 125 years of German engineering and experience in the development and manufacture of high-quality instruments. We strive to offer users the highest quality. Optimization of the work results, time savings through a rational work process and cost saving through long service life are the hallmarks of our products.

Corrosion resistance, hardness, fracture resistance, mechanical and thermal stability and machinability are material properties that are difficult to reconcile. SCHWERT selects the optimum material for you, taking all medical, technical and economic aspects into consideration. Only raw materials from German production are processed.