Module 10 –Advanced Implant Periodontics (Hard and Soft Tissue Management) (PART II)


  • Wound healing, to understand steps during healing process


  • PRP has good feedback in dermatological field, to understand why

  • Second generation PRF Chuckron PRF

  • PRF, contains a number of growth factors found in human blood centrifuged to reach supra-physiological doses that assist in tissue regeneration

  • It significantly decreases the rate of infection up to 10 fold, especially following molar extractions and prior/during implant placement

  • Patients report less morbidity, swelling and use of analgesics following regeneration with PRF

  • In many clinical indications, may be used alone to replace the high costs associated with bone grafts, connective tissue grafts, and/or barrier membranes, but there is still big debate

  • 3rd generation Mineralized Plasmatc Matrix MPM, sticky bone, several articles with good bone augmentation outcome

  • Different protocols, different tubes

  • 3rd generation has the best feedback in clinical outcome

Course Objective:

Biology of wound healing

  • Platelet concentrates

  • Growth factors: biology and physiology, mechanisms of action 

  • Composition and influence on tissue healing


Biology of Platelets Rich Fibrin (PRF)

  • Use of PRF in oral surgery and periodontology

  • Liquid PRF: PRF that may be injected or combined with biomaterials

  • PRF as a “matrix” in soft tissue management: protocols, clinical results

  • PRF as a “matrix” in bone augmentation: protocols, clinical results


·Biology of MPM

  • Clinical application and protocol of 3rd generation (MPM)


Course Duration (Days):        2 Days

Course starting on :                   The registration is open to be held in Q 4 2024.

Total Points:                                      20 CE

Fees:                                                       1,290 CAD

Course delivery:                           Online