The International Board of Oral Implantology (IBOI)


The International Board of Oral Implantology

(IBOI) Mississauga Ontario Campus.


The International Board of Oral Implantology (IBOI) is an Independent Organization with (Reg No. L19000230684 – State of Florida/USA). We follow the International accreditation system concerning the CE points achieved during the continuing education process and examination.

This diplomat program is sponsored by….imi Academy in our Mississauga Centre

This diplomat program is sponsored by Proserva and delivered by Tamimi Academy in our Mississauga Centre 


The IBOI Accreditation:



1-    The IBOI provides a total of 470 CE points. Directly 70 CE points (20 CE points for the review module+ 40 CE points for the written exam + 10 CE points for the oral exam). Also, Indirectly provides 400 CE points (200 CE points for the 10 Basic Modules (ACOIP) + 100 CE Points for 6 Advanced Modules + 100 CE points for 10 Supervised Clinical Cases).

2-     The IBOI is recognized by The University of DUISBURG-ESSEN (Germany). SO the Holders of the IBOI are considered already fulfilled a part of the curriculum of  (Master of Science in Implantology and Dental Surgery) that is being provided at the university.

3-    The IBOI is Also recognized by the International Medical College (Germany) as part of its Dental Implantology training Programs.


     The Academic Team of the IBOI are of  highly Qualified International Speakers. Please Click the link to get more details about the IBOI Academic team.

It is recommended for the Dental Practitioners who wish to start their education in the dental implantology field and get the IBOI to attend at least the (American Contemporary Oral Implantology Program) It is a 200 CE points program include 10 basic modules . This Program is designed to provide all the detailed implantology knowledge with hands on sessions for the dental practitioners from at beginning of their journey, while the dental practitioners with medium Implantology level can pick and choose the modules that are complementing their existing experience and covering the areas that they wish to advance in to elevate their career furthermore.



      Starting on 28th January of 2024 in Mississauga Ontario.

  The Mandatory Requirements of the IBOI are as follows:

1-    To be a licensed Dental Practitioner (General Practitioner or Specialist).

2-    To obtain a 200 CE points from any one year curriculum Prior to Exam1 Written Exam. We Recommend our 10 modules Program ( American Contemporary Oral Implantology Program).  Fees 19,400 CAD -payment plans available upon request-

3-    To attend (Comprehensive Board Review) Module. This 20 CE Module is Mandatory prior to IBOI examination.  Two days Module can be scheduled on site or online. Fees 2000 CAD

4-    To submit 25 documented clinical cases for the dental Specialist or 50 documented clinical cases for the general practitioners. For the doctors who doesn’t have enough documented cases, we can support in doing all the necessary arrangements of patients, tools and supervision

     Fees 900 CAD /supervised hands on implant if arranged by us.   

5-    To pass the Part1 Exam (Written Board Exam).Fees 1,200 CAD

6-    To pass the Part2 Exam (Oral Board Exam).Fees 1,200 CAD

      Fulfilling the above five requirements The International Board of Oral Implantology will be Awarded.

To achieve this goal, the IBOI Board of Directors:

  • Assess dental professionals who apply for Diplomate designation to ensure that they meet the educational, training, and experience requirements.
  • Ensure that the certification process reflects the knowledge, expertise, and abilities that candidates are assessed on in order to ensure that the highest quality of patient care is provided by such persons.

Examiners are members of the Board of Directors

Board of Directors:

Prof. Dr. Mazen Tamimi, PhD
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

President (USA)

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            Dr. Robert Laux

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Prof Dr. Nurhan GÜLER

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Dr. Alan Alaa Yassin


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Dr. Emad Salloum

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         Dr. Mario Rodriguez


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      Prof. Dr. Anton Gerasimov


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         Dr. Tomohiro Ezaki 


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             Dr. Arvind U. D


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Dr. Mohamed Al Moheb


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Prof. Dr. Abdulmageed Kassem AlYhary

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