Basic Implant Periodontics (Hard and Soft Tissue Management)

  • Hard and soft tissue examination and evaluation before surgery around natural teeth.

  • Evaluation of soft tissues around dental implants

  • Biological width in dental implants

  • Keratinized Vs non keratinized tissues around teeth and Implants

  • To know different types of bone grafts available and differences between them

  • To know available types of membranes

  • Understand which type of grafts and membrane to use in each case and how to use

  • Theory and techniques of autogenous bone grafting  

  • Soft Tissue and Bone Management (Modern Periodontal Therapy)

  • Health of soft tissue around dental implants to prevent peri implantitis

  • Understanding Bone Augmentation techniques

o     Distraction osteogenesis

o     Guided Bone regeneration

o     Autogenous bone graft (Chin/Ramus block graft)

o     Augmentation materials (bone, membranes, fixation screws).


o     Sinus augmentation

o     Guided tissue regeneration in periodontics

o     Extraction ridge preservation/augmentation

o     Extraction and immediate implant placement

o     Flapless vs. flap techniques

  • Implant in the Aesthetic zone

  • Single tooth replacement

  • Esthetic crown lengthening

  • Muccogingival surgery

  • Soft tissue management for better esthetics

    • Immediate implant placement and immediate restorations

    • Treatment plan of complex cases

    • Management of implant complications in the esthetic zone

    • Sliding flaps

    • Full periosteal flap

  • Primary wound closure, Flap designs, Suture techniques

o   Various techniques for implant exposure

  • Papilla forming technique

  • Advanced soft tissue surgery in implantology


Course Duration (Days):        2 Days

Course starting on :                    Registration is open to be held in Q 2. 2024

Total Points:                                      20 CE

Fees:                                                       2,850 CAD

Course delivery:                            In our Mississauga training Centre at 5700 Timberlea Blvd, Unit 4,Ontario,Canada,L4W 5B9